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The hotel also provides two reception rooms for organizing small events or big business meetings. These areas are multifunctional spaces which are adaptable to the specific needs of our clients.


In the heart of the most central European capital, Budapest, a new hotel has been born which drinks from the fountains of tradition and innovation. The Eurostars Budapest Center has its roots in the traditions of the old Roman city of Aquincum, of the ancient Magyar people and the greatness of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire; and in the innovation of present-day Hungary, a society which has found the way to position itself with mastery in this era of globalisation: nowadays, this country is a top-rating tourist destination, and as a member of the European Union it attracts much business activity. The Eurostars Budapest Center is a splendid luxury establishment, which was once a huge construction built in the Soviet era. But you will not even be aware of this because the building has undergone a transformation of such calibre that it now radiates innovation, modernity and comfort from every point of the compass. Come and try it for yourself! A large number of the hotel rooms look out onto the spacious interior patio, which provides a relaxing space in which to rest from the day's work or from sight-seeing trips around the city. Parking in the garage in Realtanoda street 10 is not included in the price and costs EUR 22,00 per night. Public parking opposite the hotel in Garage Franklin, Realtanoda street 5, costs EUR 14.00 per day. The new Eurostars Budapest Center is a luxury venue where one can enjoy a series of treats: sauna, gym. At the Eurostars Budapest Center we will do all we can for you but, please don't ask us to make the Danube blue again!

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Kossuth Lajos Utca 7 | Budapest

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